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Hight Quality Products

Hight Quality Products

The chemical products we represent good production results is to create products that fit the needs of customers with high quality assurance...

The Best Service

The Best Service

We serve our customers by offering flexible and fast tooling services that are consistent quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing...

A Trusted Company

A Trusted Company

PT Indo Sukses Pratama had experienced and been trusted by many customers who are in all Indonesia region ...              

Supplier of Industrial & Specialty Chemicals

Welcome to PT Indo Sukses Pratama,

PT Indo Sukses Pratama as a supplier of industrial chemicals and food chemicals offers the right solution for various industrial fields. The products of our highly suitable for use in the construction,  chemical and food industries.

PT Indo Sukses Pratama with experience to handle the demand of chemicals for various fields industry according to customer requirements. PT Indo Sukses Pratama so dare to guarantee the best quality and warranty for every product we sell.

The trust of the customers who have used our products, which include individual customers, private enterprises, government agencies, as well as foreign companies in serving the needs of high quality chemicals in small scale, medium, or large. Make PT Indo Sukses Pratama can grow today and always improve product quality and increase innovation of our services.

Supplier of Industrial & Specialty ChemicalsAbout PT Indo Sukses Pratama

PT Indo Sukses Pratama is a Supplier of Industrial & Specialty Chemicals, Professionally Dedicated to provide excellent product quality & Services to chemical. the company established in Januari 2010, domicilied in Tangerang, warehouse in Tangerang.

The Company products ranged mainly in construction business area such as : Napthalene  sulfonate,  Sodium  Lignosulfonate,  Fibre  Glass,  Cenosphere,  Silicon  Emulsion, Aluminium Paste, Hpmc, Rdp polymer 312, Starch Ether, etc. These  product  are  row  material  for  construction,  chemical...

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Why Us ?

  1. Best quality provided from famous supplier ever, for each related product around the world.
  2. Quality consistency
  3. Customer satisfaction guarantee
  4. Cost Competitiveness product in the market.

PT Indo Sukses Pratama serve ordering chemicals for the needs of a wide range of fields such as construction, chemicals and the food industry, in all Indonesia region

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Sentra Prima Tekno Park Blok D No.20
Jl.Palem Manis Raya, Gandasari,
Tel : (021)  29874080 - 90
Fax: (021)  29874220

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Our Services

We serve ordering chemicals for the needs of a wide range of fields such as construction, chemicals and the food industry, in all Indonesia region...

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